Storage units in Port St Lucie, FL

Parking & Storage Units for Rent in Port St Lucie

American Personal Storage offers self storage units for rent in Port St Lucie, FL. Our facility is equipped with a number of convenient features and is also well-located for quick and easy access. Do you need somewhere to store your outdoor equipment, holiday decorations, or even the contents of an entire home? Take a moment to browse the units we have available, and then give us a call to reserve yours.

*Size Disclaimer: Unit sizes advertised for rent are approximate only and units at the self-storage facility may differ slightly in shape and/or size. Customers should inspect the actual unit to be rented before signing a rental agreement and should base the decision to rent on the inspection of the unit and not on the advertised unit size. Rental amounts for a particular unit are not based on square footage measurements.



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Experience a better way to store at American Personal Storage. We offer storage units big and small at a price that works for your budget. Ask our leasing office about:

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We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help educate you on the ins and outs of Port St Lucie storage units.

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5×5 – 25 sq. ft. Storage Unit

This size is great for smaller furniture pieces such as a loveseat, chest of drawers or chair, plus a few boxes and small items. This size is also great for all your office extras, such as boxed records and vertical files.


5×10 – 50 sq. ft. Storage Unit

About 1 small bedroom or studio apartment of furniture with a couch and chair, chest of drawers, mattress and box spring, plus small items and boxes will fit in this unit. This size is also great for unused outdoor furniture, garden equipment, bicycles and/or motorcycles.


10×7 – 70 sq. ft. Storage Unit

This size is designed to accommodate file cabinets on each side while allowing for an access hallway between them. These units are also wonderful for storing products or parts that need to be accessed regularly.


10×10 – 100 sq. ft. Storage Unit

This unit will hold a one-bedroom apartment without major appliances. It can also be used for desk and excess office equipment storage.


10×15 – 150 sq. ft. Storage Unit

A small house or large two-bedroom apartment if properly organized will fit into this space. This would also be great for contractors to store generators and a few medium size pieces of equipment.


10×20 – 200 sq. ft. Storage Unit

Furniture from a three-bedroom house with appliances plus other small items and cartons will fit in this size unit. It can also be used to store a small office with desks, chairs, filing cabinets and equipment. It would be perfect to store a vehicle.


10×34 – 340 sq. ft. Storage Unit

Contents from a four-bedroom house will fit easily if stacked right. Great for large items that can’t be stacked. Sailboats or small watercraft will fit nicely. Long poles or PVC can be neatly organized for easy access.

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